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Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis - A Guided Meditation

Are you on the path of your spiritual awakening? Dive into your subconscious and explore past, future, or even parallel lives. Meet your spirit guides, your higher self, beings from other dimensions. This is a multi-dimensional healing experience!  

Pre Session

Ideas to generate questions from:

  • Spiritual Path

  • Career

  • Love

  • Health


If you don't have any questions, that is totally ok and encouraged! I enjoy it when clients just let go. Expect the unexpected!    

The Session

Sessions are 2-3 hours in length.  The first hour is where we go over your questions and get relaxed. The regression is about 1-2 hours. The feeling can be associated with having an intense daydream. Relaxing and letting any thoughts, images, smells, sounds or feelings to come through. For some people, the idea of hypnosis can be associated with a loss of control over themselves or stage tricks. In BQH this is not possible.  You are fully aware of your self and your surroundings. It is very much like meditating. Both meditation and hypnosis help you relax. Hypnosis is essentially meditation with intent. You are relaxed into an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state, you can explore past/parallel/future lives, travel to different worlds or star systems... anything is truly possible.


Online Sessions: $300


To fully gain the best experience for yourself, try not to be attached to any certain outcome. Trust in yourself, guides, and the Universe, to light the way. They will only show you what you need to see, at that time, to help further your spiritual journey. They are here to help, not hurt. To guide you, not steer you in the wrong direction. In this state of trust and openness you are able to receive the knowledge and gifts that come with this experience. 


After Your Journey

Give yourself a little time to adjust.  You will feel extremely relaxed. You may not remember every detail of your journey right away.  In time, as days pass, more may come to you. I will also send you a link where you can download the audio file of our session. Listening back to your session is great, and I encourage everyone to do it, even if you remember everything from our session. New thoughts, visions, or even messages may come through, stay opened minded. Your connection to the outer realm can still be very strong upon leaving a session and could last a couple days. I know the feeling myself very well! And the more sessions you do, the easier it will be to connect to this place because you've already been there and know the feeling. There is the potential for some to have an even deeper experience than the first. 

Here is a link to my guided meditations so you can get a feel for BQH and help prepare for a session: Guided Meditations

It is best to contact me by email to book session so we can go over any questions or concerns you might have.

All online sessions are done through Zoom or Skype and are recorded.


*Here are the different wave states we may go through during your session: Beta¹, Alpha², Theta³, and Delta⁴ wave state.   

  • ¹ Beta Wave State: 13-38 HZ, normal waking state of consciousness  

  • ² Alpha Wave State: 7–13 Hz, Calm relaxed yet alert state.

  • ³ Theta Wave State: 4–7 Hz, Deep meditation /relaxation, deeper state of hypnosis similar to dreaming.

  • ⁴ Delta Wave State: < 4 Hz, Deep dreamless sleep, deepest state of hypnosis

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask: more info.

I am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I do not cure, prevent or diagnose any disease. The goal of hypnotherapy sessions is self discovery and self-healing, which leads to improvements in a clients' health and well-being. All healing in these sessions is self healing, performed by higher aspects of YOU!
I do not practice psychology or counseling, all guidance in sessions comes from client's own Higher Self or Spirit Guides. It's up to the client's conscious mind to choose their own course of action and make their own decisions. Keep in mind that any future events seen in sessions are not set in stone! Timelines are constantly merging or changing.

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