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3.31.19 Three Crafts Dance
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Most people, especially in larger cities, tend to always look at their phones or the ground. And come night, there is so much light pollution, it can be hard to see the true nature of the sky above. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way? How about Saturn or Jupiter? Shut everything down for a moment, go outside, and start observing the stars. As you are there in that moment, admiring the beauty this universe has to offer, you begin to immerse yourself into the vastness of space. Within this vastness, time fades away, and it ceases to exist. Clear your mind, and let any thoughts, worries or fears fade away. The further you let your mind travel through space, the less you will think about your daily life. In this oneness with the earth, the stars, the universe, is where contact can occur. Keep in mind that contact doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of a physical being standing in front of you, waiting to shake your hand. Within this realm, one must move beyond his/her five senses. The more you face your fears, let go of judgment, and control your emotions, the closer you can get to contact. Extraterrestrial contact can come in many forms and goes hand-in-hand with the paranormal. Let go of any preconceived thoughts or ideas you have regarding extraterrestrials and our universe. There are forces out there far greater than one can ever imagine.


Are you ready to join the galactic community?


*Currently only available during the warmer months, April-October

For a truly multidimensional experience, be sure to check our Sound Journeys

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What is CE-5 contact?

-CE-5 Exploration:

  • Close Encounter of the First Kind (CE-1): Observation of a UFO within 500 feet.

  • Close Encounter of the Second Kind (CE-2): Trace evidence of either a landing or a radar lock-on.

  • Close Encounter of the Third Kind (CE-3): Observation of humanoids, usually associated with UFO activity.

  • Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (CE-4): Interaction with humanoids, usually aboard a UFO.

  • Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind (CE-5): Human-initiated contact or interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligence or beings, often associated with UFO activity or other CE-5 contact levels.


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