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What People Say

Excellent Session! 5 Stars!

Carlos helped me when I was experiencing a lot of dark, dense energy. There were people using rituals in an attempt to harm me. Carlos stayed with me and asked the right questions while I was under so I could get more information in order the understand and process what was going on. The convenience of doing a session over Skype can't be overstated. Not everyone has the time or the funds to travel to a practitioner to have a session in person. Carlos is kind, loving and compassionate. He is unafraid of the dense energies and memories. I'm happy to report that all that density is long behind me now. I feel free and unencumbered; I am able to integrate the light Energies coming to our planet and our bodies at this time. I feel happy and free! I highly recommend Carlos for your BQH session!   


Excellent ...!

I HIGHLY recommend Carlos. I have been to him for multiple sessions and I always have a healing and eye opening experience . His calm , kind , insightful and nonjudgemental demeanor makes me feel at ease which aids in creating that much more of a meaningful experience.



Highly Recommended

Carlos is very gifted and kind. He truly cares about providing the best possible experience. Every session is truly unique and mindblowing. Highly recommended!


The Truth Is In You

If you happen upon this review then I submit it is not by happenstance. Perhaps you believe, as I do, that there are no coincidences and that you were either somehow, someway, led or drawn here. I know because such was my experience with meeting Carlos. If you'd ask me two years ago if I believed in such things as ETs or past lives, etc., I'd balk and roll my eyes at the thought. Not so anymore thanks to Carlos. With his caring and supportive approach, you can't help but open up and experience your truth firsthand yourself. And isn't that what you want? I highly recommend Carlos. He's taught me not to believe, but to know. I've seen the gosh, they're real.


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