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Sound Journeys

Lay down, relax your mind and body, become one with spirit as you immerse yourself within the beautiful sounds of the cosmos.  

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What is Sound

Sound is a vibration that is all around us. And everything around us is vibrating! From the smallest molecule to the universe itself. As long as it is vibrating, it is making some kind of sound. We may not perceive the sound, as it may be below or above the threshold of our hearing. The human ear can hear sound vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second, although we also perceive sound by skin and bone conduction, ingesting and consuming it with the whole body.    


Benefits of a Sound Journey/Bath

Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockages so you can start healing on a physical and mental level. Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:

  • lower stress levels

  • fewer mood swings

  • lower blood pressure

  • lower cholesterol

  • improved sleep

Over the years, sound healing has also been used to treat a number of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

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Instruments of the Cosmos

Tuning Forks


The Solfeggio tuning forks are great for clearing emotional and spiritual issues which manifest as unhealthy life situations pertaining to work, relationship, health and life direction. Solfeggio Frequencies are typically used for transformational purposes and can help improve relationships, deal with fear and change, awaken one’s intuition, and so on. These Solfeggio Frequencies include a set of sacred numbers with a repeating sequence of 3, 6 and 9, and each Solfeggio Frequency has a specific purpose. Add the numbers of each frequency and they will equal 3, 6, or 9 (1+7+4=12, 1+2=3).

  • 3 – Trinity 

  • 6 – Mastery, you are in control of your life, make decisions to ascend to new awareness 

  • 9 – Completion is at hand, time to move on

These tones contain the frequency required to balance your energy and heal you. For example, the 528 hertz (Hz) frequency can be used to repair DNA and is a frequency of Universal miracles. Solfeggio Frequencies are used in the meditative Soundscapes at Hong Kong’s Fivelements Habitat.

The 7 commonly used Solfeggio Frequencies and their characteristics are:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles
639 Hz – Connecting Relationships
741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order
963 Hz – Divine Consciousness or Enlightenment

Tuning forks are typically used to tune  other instruments. However, they have healing powers of their own. Calibrated tuning forks can be held to specific parts of the body to send vibrations that release tension and open blocked energy channels. This form of sound healing is good for emotional balance and pain relief.


There is a free tool that everyone has to assist in healing and that is their voice! This type of sound healing involves using your voice to balance your cells and open your energetic pathways. Vocal toning is very intuitive and it’s something we can do naturally. Many cultures throughout history, have a form of vocal toning. The voice is oldest instrument in history.  Chanting can have huge positive effects on the mind and body.



Gongs have been used as a form of sound healing since around 4,000 B.C. Now, they’re used in gong baths. This is a style of meditation where the practitioner creates different tones and patterns with the gongs to produce vibrations that work on the mind-body connection. Plus, it works fast.

The sound of a gong can put you in a deeply relaxed and meditative state very quickly. Gong baths are great for clearing fears or emotional blocks and improving mental clarity, leaving you transformed on a physical as well as mental level.  Gongs are very powerful tools.  They produce a very strong vibration which can be felt throughout the body.  There are numerous sound layers to a gong. I believe that each one has its own song deep within it.  

What message does the gong have for you?

Crystal/Tibetan Bowls


Singing bowls have been used in Tibetan culture since the 12th century. Because each bowl produces a unique vibration that works on separate parts of the brain, different sized bowls are often used together. Of course, they can also work on different parts of the body. Bowls elicit a light dream state, and can be placed on the body to promote healing.  The smaller bowls can also be placed on the body to truly feel their vibration. 

Crystal vs. Tibetan

Some might like one more than the other practitioners included.  I am extremely fond of both and I believe they have an equal place in my heart.

The Tibetan bowls are the closest relative to the gong in my opinion.  Fantastic grounding tools and yet amazing for spiritual work and connecting with the higher planes of existence.  Similar to the gong, Tibetan bowls can produce multiple tones.  The vibration from one of these, especially the larger bowls, can be felt throughout the body. 

Crystal bowls are magnificent. The these bowls produce beautiful tones which can easily bring someone to a state of bliss.  The higher quality bowls have a very angelic feeling to them.

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